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The mind weaves many beautiful designs, which are either influenced by components or elements, which are close to your life. It requires great talent and expertise to visualize somebody’s imagination. Ancient tattooing or body art has been in practice since the Stone Age, where as modern body art has it’s origins through 18th century.
The American Academy of Dermatology classifies body art into 5 types:
1.Traumatic tattoos (natural tattoos)
2.Amateur tattoos
3. Professional tattoos
4. Cosmetic tattoos ( makeup)
5. Medical tattoos
In northern India, tattoos are called “Godna”. Tattoos or body art have been used as cultural symbols among many tribes, as well as the caste-based Hindu population of India. Henna and Mehndi were popular in ancient India and ancient Egypt, and still remain one of the favourite and popular body art today in the Indian subcontinent, Middle East and North Africa.
So, are you all set to play with your skin with a brand new body art for the 1st time or planning to get a cover up tattoo? Get tattoo reviews and opinions from the very best of the experts. Remember, whether you are getting a temporary tattoo or a tattoo on your skin, always insist on the usage of the very high quality material, sterilized and disposable needles, ink, machines, creams and last but not the least a perfectly hygienic environment.
It is always better to consult your friends and colleagues, who have already tattooed themselves, for their reviews and opinions about their body art. Also do not forget to get the body art done by the best tattoo artist available, this may fetch you some extra money, but it is always good to play safe as according to an old saying

Prevention is better than cure

The body art is made by inserting indelible ink into the lower layer of the skin to change the pigment and this art has been practiced for centuries in many cultures spread throughout the world.
The cost of the tattoo surely determines the quality of the body art and the tattoo studio therefore never go for the cheaper options available as it could result in severe pain and harmful after effects on the skin. The best place to get the reviews and opinions about your short listed tattoo studio or artist is the world of Internet or just flip through the yellow pages. Remember €All that glitters is not gold€ and do not go by the flashy advertisements, fake body art reviews and opinions as the after effects of the same could be very harmful thereby resulting in scabs or skin burns. Be sure to consult your colleagues about their tattoo reviews, experiences and opinions, how they felt, the opinions about the studio, their design. Gather information about the top most tattoo studios and artists in your city, compare the reviews, and determine whether they are positive or not, remember this is body art and if you are planning to a get life size tattoo then you should be extremely careful about the tattoo artist as well as the tools used in creating the same.
The after care of your tattoo is a very important part and make sure to use only anti bacterial soap and recommended lotions. Make sure you take some simple and easy precautions for a safe and beautiful tattoo experience:
1. Do not remove the cover up bandage for your tattoo for at least 3 hours as it could be a breeding ground for infections.

2.  Wash and treat – after removing the bandage use lukewarm water and mild, liquid antibacterial or antimicrobial soap to wash the tattoo.
3. Use only special products and lotions.
4. Sun protection – The UV rays from the sun can fade and damage a brilliant tattoo, so before spending a lot of time in sunlight, protect your tattoo with a sunscreen lotion. This will keep your tattoo vibrant for many years.



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